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Centennial History of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Chapter 1. In the Beginning
The Founding of the University
The First Thirty Years: 1867-1897
Chapter 2. The Department in the 20th Century
The Beginning of the Century
Overview since 1945
Chapter 3. Department Notables
Everitt at Illinois
John Bardeen
Tykociner's Pioneering Contributions
Chapter 4. Research Laboratories
Antenna Laboratory and Electromagnetics Laboratory
Radio Direction Finding Laboratory
. . .From Basic Research to Battlefield in 30 days
Pioneering in Semiconductor Research
Tube Laboratory
Bioacoustics Research Laboratory
Gaseous Electronics Laboratory
Electrophysics Laboratory
Radio Telescope Laboratory
Wave Propagation Laboratory
Aeronomy Laboratory
Power Laboratory
Electro-Optic Systems Laboratory
Chapter 5. Associated Laboratories
Digital Computer Laboratory
Coordinated Science Laboratory
Computer-based Education Research Laboratory and PLATO
Microelectronics Laboratory
Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology
Super Computers
. . .Research and Development -- CSRD
. . .Applications -- NCSA
Chapter 6. Developments Over the Years
Curricula Over the Years
Solid-State Instructional Laboratory
A Short History of Illumination Engineering
Knight and Fett Textbook
Establishment of the Department's Alumni Association
Marcia Peterman
Campus Unrest, 1967-70
Biological Computer Laboratory
A Matter of Units
Eta Kappa Nu
Appendix I. Department Heads
Appendix II. Curricula
Appendix III. Recipients of the
xxxxxxxxxxDistinguished Alumnus Award
Appendix IV. Bibliography

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