In the last months of 1966, several alumni of the Department of Electrical Engineering discussed with Wendell E. Miller, associate head of the department, and Marcia Peterman, the departmental office supervisor, the possibility of organizing an Electrical Engineering Alumni Association. They decided that an organization was needed to help the alumni keep in touch with one another, with the faculty and staff, and with the activities of the department and the university. It would also serve to strengthen ties between department and industry.

In April 1967, a letter, officer ballot, and other information were sent to 6,800 alumni announcing the formation of the Electrical Engineering Alumni Association as the 20th constituent organization of the University of Illinois Alumni Association. Replies were received from approximately 800 graduates, resulting in 447 new members of the University Alumni Association. An organization meeting was held on June 28, 1967, in the Faculty Lounge of the Electrical Engineering Building. The first officers and board members were installed after a count of mailed ballots.

The new association adopted E2A2 as its logo and immediately became active. During the first year, regional meetings of E2A2 were held at Wescon in San Francisco, California, National Electronics Conference in Chicago, Illinois, IEEE in New York, New York, and Urbana-Champaign during a football weekend. Three E2A2 newsletters were also mailed.

In the years that followed, regional meetings continued to be held and many newsletters published. E2A2 also initiated a program to honor alumni who had distinguished themselves in their professions by presenting them with a Distinguished Alumnus Award. These awards are presented annually at the E2A2 awards banquet, which is held at Urbana-Champaign each fall during ball weekend. In 1984, the department's name was changed to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The name of the department's alumni organization was changed accordingly, and the present logo E2CA2 was adopted.

In 1991, E2CA2 has 5,510 members and is an active organization with four outstanding committees: Membership and Student Affairs, Scholarship, Legislative, and Alumni Events. Board meetings are held during the Chicago spring meeting of the American Power Conference and in Urbana-Champaign during the fall awards banquet. The newsletter has become a distinguished publication and is mailed to alumni twice a year. E2CA2 gatherings are held at opportune times in various parts of the country, and one board member each year serves as a representative to the University Alumni Association. At the E2CA2 board meeting on September 14, 1990, a University Alumni Association representative complimented E2CA2 as one of the best of its 45 constituent groups.

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