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When Marcia Hopperstad, newly graduated from Rockford Business College and School of Music and only 20 years old, came to Urbana-Champaign in 1930 to be interviewed by Ellery B. Paine for a secretarial job in electrical engineering, who could have foretold that this was the beginning of an association with the department that was to last for more than 50 years?

She was the first and, for some time, the only secretary in the department. She began as a clerk stenographer and advanced through various titles to office supervisor, overseeing an office staff that ministered to the secretarial needs of more than 100 faculty members. During this period, she also served as secretary and then adviser to Paine and three other department heads: William L. Everitt, 1944-49; John D. Ryder, 1949-54 and Edward C. Jordan, 1954-79. She provided exemplary help and guidance to generations of students and alumni. Although she retired officially in 1977, she was reappointed on a part-time basis as staff associate to continue her work with the alumni of the department. She took special classes in languages, office management, and business law throughout her years at the university.

In 1975, a special section of the E2A2 News, "Hats Off to Marcia," saluted some of Marcia Peterman's accomplishments. In 1977, at the time of her first retirement, she was presented with a book of some 200 letters from staff, faculty, and alumni who had come to know her over the years and whose lives had been touched by her helpfulness.

In 1945, she married C. E. Peterman. He died in 1963. She married Leo Corby in 1983, just 1 1/2 years before she died on September 30, 1984.

Peterman received several awards and honors. These included the HKN Award in 1967, the Appreciation Award from the University of Illinois Alumni Association in 1972, the AIEE Honor Award in 1975, and the Loyalty Award from the Alumni Association.

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