ECE 297 - Individual Study

Semesters Offered

Individual StudyECE297052241IND -    
Individual StudyECE297AC58343IND -    Andreas C Cangellaris
Individual StudyECE297ADG58353IND -    Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia
Individual StudyECE297AO64384IND -    Alexander Olshevsky
Individual StudyECE297AS59401IND -    Andrew Singer
Individual StudyECE297BH58380IND -    Bruce Hajek
Individual StudyECE297BTC58351IND -    Brian T Cunningham
Individual StudyECE297CR58394IND -    Chandrasekhar Radhakrishnan
Individual StudyECE297DC58345IND -    Deming Chen
Individual StudyECE297DJ55426IND -    Douglas L Jones
Individual StudyECE297DV65995IND -    David Varodayan
Individual StudyECE297FK58396IND -    Farzad Kamalabadi
Individual StudyECE297GG58379IND -    George Gross
Individual StudyECE297GLL64356IND -    Gang Logan Liu
Individual StudyECE297HZ66015IND -    Hao Zhu
Individual StudyECE297IA58332IND -    Ilesanmi Adesida
Individual StudyECE297JA58334IND -    Jont Allen
Individual StudyECE297JGE58368IND -    James Gary Eden
Individual StudyECE297JJ58395IND -    Jianming Jin
Individual StudyECE297JJC58349IND -    James J Coleman
Individual StudyECE297JL58561IND -    Joseph W Lyding
Individual StudyECE297JM62648IND -    Jonathan J Makela
Individual StudyECE297JS64348IND -    Jose E Schutt-Aine
Individual StudyECE297JTB58338IND -    Jennifer Truman Bernhard
Individual StudyECE297KDC58347IND -    Kent D Choquette
Individual StudyECE297KH58348IND -    Kiruba Sivasubramaniam Haran
Individual StudyECE297LLG58378IND -    Lynford L Goddard
Individual StudyECE297LW57359IND -    Lara Waldrop
Individual StudyECE297MC64357IND -    Matthew Chapman Caesar
Individual StudyECE297MD58352IND -    Minh N Do
Individual StudyECE297MF58369IND -    Milton Feng
Individual StudyECE297MG58377IND -    Matthew Gilbert
Individual StudyECE297MHJ58389IND -    Mark Allan Hasegawa-Johnson
Individual StudyECE297ML57323IND -    Michael C Loui
Individual StudyECE297MO61012IND -    Olgica Milenkovic
Individual StudyECE297MTB58335IND -    Tamer Basar
Individual StudyECE297MW62673IND -    Martin D F Wong
Individual StudyECE297NA58333IND -    Narendra Ahuja
Individual StudyECE297NB58341IND -    Nikita Borisov
Individual StudyECE297OM61010IND -    Olgica Milenkovic
Individual StudyECE297PK59407IND -    Philip T Krein
Individual StudyECE297PS66027IND -    Paris Smaragdis
Individual StudyECE297PSC58344IND -    Paul Scott Carney
Individual StudyECE297PUR57368IND -    Marie-Christine Brunet
Individual StudyECE297RB58337IND -    Rashid Bashir
Individual StudyECE297REB58339IND -    Richard E Blahut
Individual StudyECE297RKI58393IND -    Ravishankar K Iyer
Individual StudyECE297RP64338IND -    Robert Pilawa-Podgurski
Individual StudyECE297RS61023IND -    Rayadurgam Srikant
Individual StudyECE297SAB58340IND -    Stephen Allen Boppart
Individual StudyECE297SAH58392IND -    Seth Andrew Hutchinson
Alan T Mette
Individual StudyECE297SJF58376IND -    Steven J Franke
Individual StudyECE297SL64354IND -    Stephen E Levinson
Individual StudyECE297SM57394IND -    Sayan Mitra
Individual StudyECE297SP55336IND -    Sanjay Jeram Patel
Individual StudyECE297SV59431IND -    Shobha Vasudevan
Individual StudyECE297TB58336IND -    Tangul Basar
Individual StudyECE297TO66040IND -    Thomas J Overbye
Individual StudyECE297TPC58350IND -    Todd Prentice Coleman
Individual StudyECE297TSH58391IND -    Thomas S Huang
Individual StudyECE297TWB62659IND -    Timothy Wolfe Bretl
Individual StudyECE297WCC58346IND -    Weng Cho Chew
Individual StudyECE297WMH57365IND -    Wen-Mei W Hwu
Individual StudyECE297WS64352IND -    William H Sanders
Individual StudyECE297XL64358IND -    Xiuling Li
Individual StudyECE297YB58342IND -    Yoram Bresler
Individual StudyECE297YCH58390IND -    Yih-Chun Hu

Official Description

Individual projects. Approved written application to department as specified by department or instructors is required. Course Information: Approved for both letter and S/U grading. May be repeated in separate terms to a maximum of 2 hours. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Subject Area

Core Curriculum

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