ECE 599 - Thesis Research

Thesis ResearchECE599ADG20475IND -    Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia
Thesis ResearchECE599AN20870IND -    Angelia Nedich
Thesis ResearchECE599AO20821IND -    Alexander Olshevsky
Thesis ResearchECE599AS20571IND -    Andrew Singer
Thesis ResearchECE599BBS20593IND -    Brad Sutton
Thesis ResearchECE599BEH20566IND -    Bruce Hajek
Thesis ResearchECE599BJ20584IND -    Juliy Baryshnikov
Thesis ResearchECE599BR20525IND -    Rakesh Bobba
Thesis ResearchECE599BS20594IND -    Stephen Boppart
Thesis ResearchECE599BTC20558IND -    Brian Cunningham
Thesis ResearchECE599CA20841IND -    Andreas Cangellaris
Thesis ResearchECE599CB20521IND -    Can Bayram
Thesis ResearchECE599CCW20394IND -    Weng Chew
Thesis ResearchECE599CK20800IND -    Kent Choquette
Thesis ResearchECE599CLB20579IND -    Carolyn Beck
Thesis ResearchECE599CP20564IND -    Constantine Polychronopoulos
Thesis ResearchECE599CR20392IND -    Chandrasekhar Radhakrishnan
Thesis ResearchECE599CS20763IND -    Christopher Schmitz
Thesis ResearchECE599DC20518IND -    Deming Chen
Thesis ResearchECE599DF20549IND -    David Forsyth
Thesis ResearchECE599DH20569IND -    Derek Hoiem
Thesis ResearchECE599DLJ20768IND -    Douglas Jones
Thesis ResearchECE599DM32633IND -    David Nicol
Thesis ResearchECE599DMN20468IND -    David Nicol
Thesis ResearchECE599DNR20548IND -    David Ruzic
Thesis ResearchECE599DR20603IND -    Dan Roth
Thesis ResearchECE599DS20478IND -    Dilip Sarwate
Thesis ResearchECE599DW20609IND -    Daniel Wasserman
Thesis ResearchECE599EK20467IND -    Erhan Kudeki
Thesis ResearchECE599ER20507IND -    Elyse Rosenbaum
Thesis ResearchECE599FM20523IND -    Matthew Frank
Thesis ResearchECE599GB20776IND -    Gaurav Bahl
Thesis ResearchECE599GED20384IND -    Geir Dullerud
Thesis ResearchECE599GG20828IND -    George Gross
Thesis ResearchECE599GHM20517IND -    George Miley
Thesis ResearchECE599GLL20770IND -    Gang Liu
Thesis ResearchECE599GP20760IND -    Gabriel Popescu
Thesis ResearchECE599GS20756IND -    Gary Swenson
Thesis ResearchECE599GWS20610IND -    George Swenson
Thesis ResearchECE599HB20859IND -    
Thesis ResearchECE599HOL32591IND -    Steven Franke
Thesis ResearchECE599HZ20514IND -    Hao Zhu
Thesis ResearchECE599IH20567IND -    
Thesis ResearchECE599JA20466IND -    Jont Allen
Thesis ResearchECE599JB20464IND -    Jennifer Bernhard
Thesis ResearchECE599JD20808IND -    John Dallesasse
Thesis ResearchECE599JGE20529IND -    James Eden
Thesis ResearchECE599JGM20816IND -    John Miller
Thesis ResearchECE599JJM20400IND -    Jonathan Makela
Thesis ResearchECE599JMJ20608IND -    Jianming Jin
Thesis ResearchECE599JPL20582IND -    Jean-Pierre Leburton
Thesis ResearchECE599JR20801IND -    John Rogers
Thesis ResearchECE599JRT20520IND -    John Tucker
Thesis ResearchECE599JT20864IND -    Josep Torrellas
Thesis ResearchECE599JWB20805IND -    James Beauchamp
Thesis ResearchECE599JWL20575IND -    Joseph Lyding
Thesis ResearchECE599KCH20607IND -    Kuang-Chien Hsieh
Thesis ResearchECE599KF20382IND -    Farzad Kamalabadi
Thesis ResearchECE599KH20586IND -    Kiruba Haran
Thesis ResearchECE599KK20461IND -    Kyekyoon Kim
Thesis ResearchECE599KN20577IND -    Klara Nahrstedt
Thesis ResearchECE599KT20551IND -    Kimani Toussaint
Thesis ResearchECE599LD20386IND -    Daniel Liberzon
Thesis ResearchECE599LG20556IND -    Lynford Goddard
Thesis ResearchECE599LH20605IND -    Lippold Haken
Thesis ResearchECE599LRS20774IND -    Lui Sha
Thesis ResearchECE599LS20396IND -    Stephen Levinson
Thesis ResearchECE599LV20543IND -    Lav Varshney
Thesis ResearchECE599LW20836IND -    Lara Waldrop
Thesis ResearchECE599LY20559IND -    Yi Lu
Thesis ResearchECE599MAB20826IND -    Mohamed Ali Belabbas
Thesis ResearchECE599MB20545IND -    Michael Bailey
Thesis ResearchECE599MC20395IND -    Marco Caccamo
Thesis ResearchECE599MD20596IND -    Minh Do
Thesis ResearchECE599MDW20568IND -    Martin Wong
Thesis ResearchECE599MG20813IND -    Matthew Gilbert
Thesis ResearchECE599MHJ20806IND -    Mark Hasegawa-Johnson
Thesis ResearchECE599MI20539IND -    Michael Insana
Thesis ResearchECE599ML20848IND -    Michael Loui
Thesis ResearchECE599MO20872IND -    Michael Oelze
Thesis ResearchECE599MR20530IND -    Maxim Raginsky
Thesis ResearchECE599MS20555IND -    Serge Minin
Thesis ResearchECE599MXF20463IND -    Milton Feng
Thesis ResearchECE599MY20857IND -    Yi Ma
Thesis ResearchECE599NA20527IND -    Narendra Ahuja
Thesis ResearchECE599NB20531IND -    Nikita Borisov
Thesis ResearchECE599NH20565IND -    Naira Hovakimyan
Thesis ResearchECE599NK20572IND -    Negar Kiyavash
Thesis ResearchECE599NS20541IND -    Naresh Shanbhag
Thesis ResearchECE599NSK20591IND -    Nam Sung Kim
Thesis ResearchECE599NV20388IND -    Nitin Vaidya
Thesis ResearchECE599OM20532IND -    Olgica Milenkovic
Thesis ResearchECE599P-S20773IND -    Paris Smaragdis
Thesis ResearchECE599PB32602IND -    Peter Bajcsy
Thesis ResearchECE599PBG20761IND -    Philip Godfrey
Thesis ResearchECE599PD20845IND -    Peter Dragic
Thesis ResearchECE599PEM20766IND -    Paul Mayes
Thesis ResearchECE599PGV20381IND -    Petros Voulgaris
Thesis ResearchECE599PK20456IND -    Paul Kwiat
Thesis ResearchECE599PKH20402IND -    Pavan Kumar Hanumolu
Thesis ResearchECE599PM20472IND -    Pierre Moulin
Thesis ResearchECE599PMF20526IND -    Patricia Franke
Thesis ResearchECE599PRK20799IND -    P Kumar
Thesis ResearchECE599PTK20533IND -    Philip Krein
Thesis ResearchECE599PV20856IND -    Pramod Viswanath
Thesis ResearchECE599PWS20778IND -    Peter Sauer
Thesis ResearchECE599RAK20598IND -    Rakesh Kumar
Thesis ResearchECE599RB20862IND -    Rashid Bashir
Thesis ResearchECE599RC20587IND -    R Campbell
Thesis ResearchECE599REB20509IND -    Richard Blahut
Thesis ResearchECE599RI20818IND -    Ravishankar Iyer
Thesis ResearchECE599RK20860IND -    Ranjitha Kumar
Thesis ResearchECE599RLM20850IND -    
Thesis ResearchECE599RPP20534IND -    Robert Pilawa-Podgurski
Thesis ResearchECE599RR20470IND -    Robin Rutenbar
Thesis ResearchECE599RRC20811IND -    Romit Roy Choudhury
Thesis ResearchECE599RS20553IND -    Rayadurgam Srikant
Thesis ResearchECE599RSS20515IND -    Ramavarapu Sreenivas
Thesis ResearchECE599RXB20764IND -    Rohit Bhargava
Thesis ResearchECE599SA20374IND -    Sarita Adve
Thesis ResearchECE599SB20852IND -    Subhonmesh Bose
Thesis ResearchECE599SC20506IND -    Paul Carney
Thesis ResearchECE599SG20814IND -    Songbin Gong
Thesis ResearchECE599SH20546IND -    Seth Hutchinson
Thesis ResearchECE599SJ20376IND -    Jose Schutt-Aine
Thesis ResearchECE599SJF20580IND -    Steven Franke
Thesis ResearchECE599SL20833IND -    Steven Lumetta
Thesis ResearchECE599SM20855IND -    Sayan Mitra
Thesis ResearchECE599SML20779IND -    Steven LaValle
Thesis ResearchECE599SO20874IND -    Sewoong Oh
Thesis ResearchECE599SP20611IND -    Sanjay Patel
Thesis ResearchECE599SV20868IND -    Shobha Vasudevan
Thesis ResearchECE599SX20810IND -    Sean Meyn
Thesis ResearchECE599TA20824IND -    Tarek Abdelzaher
Thesis ResearchECE599TB20399IND -    Tamer Basar
Thesis ResearchECE599TO20757IND -    Thomas Overbye
Thesis ResearchECE599TSH20803IND -    Thomas Huang
Thesis ResearchECE599TWB20771IND -    Timothy Bretl
Thesis ResearchECE599UR20802IND -    Umberto Ravaioli
Thesis ResearchECE599VV20512IND -    Venugopal Veeravalli
Thesis ResearchECE599WDO20574IND -    William O'Brien
Thesis ResearchECE599WG20380IND -    William Gropp
Thesis ResearchECE599WHS20754IND -    William Sanders
Thesis ResearchECE599WK20601IND -    William King
Thesis ResearchECE599WMH20843IND -    Wen-Mei Hwu
Thesis ResearchECE599WZ20378IND -    Wenjuan Zhu
Thesis ResearchECE599XG20563IND -    Grace Gao
Thesis ResearchECE599XL20536IND -    Xiuling Li
Thesis ResearchECE599YB20838IND -    Yoram Bresler
Thesis ResearchECE599YC20812IND -    Yun Chiu
Thesis ResearchECE599YCH20511IND -    Yih-Chun Hu
Thesis ResearchECE599YW20589IND -    Yihong Wu
Thesis ResearchECE599ZK20561IND -    Zbigniew Kalbarczyk
Thesis ResearchECE599ZPL20538IND -    Zhi-Pei Liang

Official Description

Course Information: Approved for S/U grading only. May be repeated.

Subject Area

Graduate Seminar and Thesis Research


May be repeated.
Approved for S/U grading only.

Detailed Description and Outline

May be repeated.
Approved for S/U grading only.

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