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CS Prof. Lixia Zhang discusses NDN

Date: 11/25/2013
Time: 2:30 pm
Location: Room 4405 Siebel Center
Event Contact: Host: Professor Tarek Abdelzaher, Department of Computer Science
Sponsor: Computer Science
Event Type: Seminars

Lixia Zhang, who leads the Future Internet Architecture project, Named Data Networking. She will be giving a talk to explain why IP is no longer the right protocol for the Internet, and how NDN (a version of Information Centric Networking) is the right answer.

You are invited to join us for her presentation:

While the Internet has far exceeded expectations, the success has also stretched its initial design assumptions. Since applications operate in terms of data and more end points become mobile, it becomes increasingly difficult and inefficient to satisfy IP's requirement of determining exactly where (at which IP address) to find desired data. The Named Data Networking project (NDN) aims to carry the Internet into the future through a conceptually simple yet transformational architecture shift, from today's focus on where --addresses and hosts -- to what -- the data that users and applications care about. By naming data instead of their locations, NDN transforms data into first-class entities, enabling direct security of data instead of data containers as well as radically scalable communication mechanisms such as multicast delivery and in-network storage.

Lixia Zhang is a professor in the Computer Science Department of UCLA. She received PhD in computer science from MIT and was a member of the research staff at Xerox PARC before joining UCLA. In the past she served as the vice chair of ACM SIGCOMM, member of the editorial board for the IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, member of the Internet Architecture Board, and co-chair of the Routing Research Group under IRTF. She is a fellow of ACM and IEEE, the recipient of 2009 IEEE Internet Award, and holds UCLA Jon Postel Chair in computer science.