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October 2014

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Saturday Engineering for Everyone, Spring 2014

The inaugural Saturday Engineering for Everyone series started on six Saturdays in the spring of 2014. The talks contained technical information but were geared toward non-engineers and were open to the public. Please see a list of speakers and their topics below, as well as videos from the talks.

Saturday Engineering for Everyone will resume in the spring of 2015. Can't get enough Saturday science? Please visit our friends at Saturday Physics for Everyone for a new series of talks in Fall 2014

Date Speaker Title

Gary Eden

Going Where No Plasma Has Gone Before: Plasmas And Their Impact On Lighting, Water Disinfection, And Medical Therapeutics

Andy Singer and Michael Oelze

Hey Nemo, Can you hear me now? Underwater acoustic communications for humans

Naresh Shanbhag

Microchip: The engine that drives the Information Age

Xiuling Li

Nanotechnology: From atoms to integrated circuits

Rashid Bashir

Tiny Devices and Machines for Biology and Medicine

Elyse Rosenbaum

Why your smartphone works even though you abuse it. Reliability engineers to the rescue

For more information about this series, email

Saturday Engineering for Everyone is generously sponsored by Phillips 66.
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