ECE 515
Control System Theory & Design

Section Type Times Days Location Instructor
N DIS 0930 - 1050 T R   2017 ECE Building  Juliy Baryshnikov
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Official Description Feedback control systems emphasizing state space techniques. Basic principles, modeling, analysis, stability, structural properties, optimization, and design to meet specifications. Course Information: Same as ME 540. Prerequisite: ECE 486.
Subject Area Control Systems
Course Prerequisites Credit in ECE 486
Course Directors Tamer Basar
Detailed Description and Outline


  • System modeling and analysis: system design as a control problem - constraints, goals and performance specifications, input-output and state space models; linearization; review of linear algebra; fundamentals of state-space analysis of linear systems
  • System structural properties: stability; introduction to Lyapunov methods; controllability, observability; canonical forms and minimal realizations. Modeling uncertainties; system sensitivity and robustness measures.
  • Feedback system design: basic properties of feedback; stabilization and eigenvalue placement by state and output feedback; disturbance rejection; observers for estimating states, and observer feedback systems
  • Optimum feedback control: dynamic programming and the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation; synthesis of optimum state regulator systems; numerical methods
  • Introduction to the minimum principle: calculus of variations and necessary conditions for optimal trajectories; minimum principle for bounded controls; time-optimal control of linear systems; numerical methods
Last updated: 2/13/2013