ECE 541
Computer Systems Analysis

Section Type Times Days Location Instructor
B LCD 0930 - 1045 W F   4070 ECE Building  William Sanders
Official Description Development of analytical models of computer systems and application of such models to performance evaluation: scheduling policies, paging algorithms, multiprogrammed resource management, and queuing theory. Course Information: Same as CS 541. Prerequisite: One of ECE 313, MATH 461, MATH 463.
Subject Area Reliable and Secure Systems
Course Prerequisites Credit in ECE 313 or MATH 461 or MATH 463 or STAT 410
Course Directors William H Sanders
Detailed Description and Outline


  • Review of basic probability and statistics
  • The theory of discrete and continuous time Markov chains; applications to memory bandwidth analysis and paging algorithm evaluation
  • Probabilistic and deterministic policies for processor scheduling in batch and time-shared systems
  • Multiprogrammed memory management: optimal and heuristic allocation and replacement algorithmsthe diffusion approximation in queueing theory
  • Queueing theory: exact and approximate techniques for the analysis of single queues and networks of queues; product-form solutions and computational algorithms; the diffusion approximation in queueing theory
  • Simulation theory and methodology; simulation languages and the construction of simulators; design of a simulation experiment; analysis of the simulation output: deriviation of point and interval extimates; variance reduction techniques; generation of uniform and non-uniform pseudo-random numbers

Same as CS 541 and CSE 524.


H. Kobayashi, Modeling and Analysis: An Introduction to System Performance Evaluation Methodology, Addison-Wesley, 1978.

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