ECE 547
Topics in Image Processing

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Section Type Times Days Location Instructor
O DIS 1100 - 1220 T R   163 Everitt Lab  Thomas Huang
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Official Description Fundamental concepts, techniques, and directions of research in image processing: two-dimensional Fourier transform and filtering, image digitization, coding, restoration, reconstruction, analysis, and recognition. Course Information: Same as CSE 543. Prerequisite: ECE 310 and ECE 313.
Subject Area Signal Processing
Course Prerequisites Credit in ECE 313 or STAT 410
Credit in ECE 410
Course Directors Thomas S Huang
Detailed Description and Outline


  • Image compression: subband coding and wavelets; fractals; 3D model-based coding
  • Image enhancement and restoration: order-statistics filters; projection on convex sets; EM; reconstruction from incomplete data
  • 3D motion analysis: rigid objects; articulate objects; nonrigid motion
  • Markov random fields: texture analysis
  • Morphology: image enhancement; edge detection; shape analysis
  • Optical image processing: 2D Fourier transform; linear filtering; nonlinear processing
  • Image/video databases: content-based and similarity-based indexing and retrieval; video segmentation and keyframe extraction

Same as CSE 543.

T. S. Huang, Lectures on Image Processing (notes) and journal papers.
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