ECE 559 BD
Coding and Cryptography

Official Description Lectures and discussion related to advanced topics and new areas of interest in the theory of communication systems: information theory, coding theory, and communication network theory. Course Information: May be repeated in the same term, if topics vary, to a maximum of 12 graduate hours; may be repeated in separate terms, if topics vary, to a maximum of 16 graduate hours. Credit toward a degree from multiple offerings of this course is not given if those offerings have significant overlap, as determined by the ECE department. Prerequisite: As specified each term. (It is expected that each offering will have a 500-level course as a prerequisite or co-requisite.)
Subject Area Communications
Course Prerequisites
Course Directors Richard E Blahut
Detailed Description and Outline

Same as MATH 488

D.R. Stinson, Cryptography: Theory and Practice (second edition), CRC Press
Course Handouts
Last updated: 2/13/2013