ECE 570
Nonlinear Optics

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Section Type Times Days Location Instructor
A LEC 1400 - 1520 T R   260 Everitt Lab  Paul Carney
Official Description Light propagation in anisotropic crystals; second- and third-order nonlinear susceptibility and electro-optic effect; discussion of the relationship of these effects along with such applications as light modulation, harmonic generation, and optical parametric amplification and oscillation. Course Information: Prerequisite: ECE 520.
Subject Area Electromagnetics, Optics and Remote Sensing
Course Prerequisites Credit in ECE 520
Course Directors Paul Scott Carney
Detailed Description and Outline


  • Stimulated and spontaneous processes, SRS, SBS, CARS, amplification, lasing
  • N-wave mixing, phase conjugate mirrors, frequency conversion
  • Spatial effects, self-focusing, induced transparency, solitons
  • Multiphoton spectroscopy, multiphoton imaging
  • Atom-photon interactions, materials
  • Topics of student interest, special guest lectures

Homework will be assigned every second or third lecture there will be a course project. Students should have some familiarity with Maxwell’s equations, basic linear algebra, calculus, and some undergraduate level quantum mechanics.

Topical Prerequisities
Students should have some familiarity with Maxwell’s equations and basic linear algebra and calculus.

Nonlinear Optics, 3rd edition by Robert Boyd, Academic Press

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