ECE 573
Power Systems Operations and Control

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L DIS 0800 - 0920 T R   241 Everitt Lab  George Gross
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Official Description Energy control center functions, state estimation and steady state security assessment techniques, economic dispatch, optimal power flow, automatic generation control, and dynamic equivalents. Course Information: Prerequisite: ECE 476; credit or concurrent registration in ECE 530.
Subject Area Power and Energy Systems
Course Prerequisites Credit in ECE 476
Credit or concurrent registration in ECE 530
Course Directors George Gross
Detailed Description and Outline


  • Overview of power system operations and control: the basic objectives of security and economics in power system operations and control; security analysis framework - scope, objectives and implementation; role of the EMS (energy management system)
  • Optimal power flows: review of optimization; economic dispatch problems; formulation of optimal power flow problem; solution methods; objective functions and representation of constraints; security constrained OPF; applications to dispatch and rescheduling; pricing information and spot pricing; role of reactive power
  • Resource scheduling and commitment: nature of resource scheduling problem; time hierarchies; objectives and constraints; key functions and their interrelationships; unit commitment and hydro-thermal coordination; solution approaches using DP and Lagrangian relaxation; role in EMS
  • State estimation: fundamental notions; static state estimation - role and formulation; the least squares state estimation solution; constrained weighted least squares estimation; measurement requirements; observability; bad data identification/ detection, analysis and processing
  • Electricity restructuring: transition from monopoly to competition -paradigms, organizational structures and regulation; competitive electricity markets; market design; interrelationships between various markets; impacts of restructuring and competition; unbundling; nature of transmission services; congestion management; ancillary services; informational needs
Topical Prerequisities
ECE 476; credit or concurrent registration in ECE 530.

Class notes

These two texts are recommended but not required.
A. J. Wood and B. F. Wollenberg, Power generation, Operation and Control, 2nd ed., New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1996.

A. Monticelli, State Estimation in Electric Power Systems: A Gene-ralized Approach, Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1999.

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