ECE 576
Power System Dynamics and Stability

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G DIS 1100 - 1220 T R   241 Everitt Lab  Thomas Overbye
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Official Description Detailed modeling of the synchronous machine and its controls, such as excitation system and turbine-governor dynamics; time-scales and reduced order models; non-linear and linear multi-machine models; stability analysis using energy functions; power system stabilizers. Course Information: Prerequisite: ECE 476; credit or concurrent registration in ECE 530.
Subject Area Power and Energy Systems
Course Prerequisites Credit in ECE 476
Credit or concurrent registration in ECE 530
Course Directors Peter W Sauer
Detailed Description and Outline


  • Synchronous machine models: model in d-q frame using Park's transformation; current and flux linkage models
  • Time-scales and reduced-order models
  • Excitation system representation
  • Turbine governor models
  • Transmission system and load models
  • Interconnected multimachine model and simulation
  • Linearized model of the form x = Ax + Bu and the control problem formulation
  • Small signal analysis
  • Power system stabilizer design
  • Transient stability using energy function methods

Same as CSE 544.


P.W. Sauer and M.A. Pai, Power System Dynamics and Stability, Prentice-Hall, 1998.

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