ECE 421
Plasma and Fusion Science

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Section Type Times Days Location Instructor
L LCD 0930 - 1050 T R   163 Noyes Laboratory  Thomas Dolan
Official Description Course Information: Same as NPRE 421 and PHYS 479. See NPRE 421.
Course Prerequisites
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Detailed Description and Outline


  • Review of Maxwell's equations and introduction to basic plasma physics
  • Introduction to the fusion problems: need and possible reactions
  • Plasma models for the fusion problem: 3-fluid model, sheath theory, diffusion
  • Energy balances; radiation losses, energy extraction
  • Confinement: magnetic bottles, pinch, mirror cusp configurations
  • Stability configurations: introduction to micro- and macro-instabilities
  • Review of current approaches: concepts such as DCX, Stellerator

Same as NPRE 421 and PHYS 479.

Computer Usage
PCs used in select homework assignments (15%), optional in others.
Topical Prerequisities
Junior standing in the College of Engineering or consent of instructor.
A. Harms, K. Schoepf, G. Miley, and D. Kingdon, Principles of Fusion Energy.
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