ECE 530
Analysis Techniques for Large-Scale Electrical Systems

Section Type Times Days Location Instructor
A LEC 1100 - 1220 T R   4026 ECE Building  Hao Zhu
Official Description Fundamental techniques for the analysis of large-scale electrical systems, including methods for nonlinear and switched systems. Emphasis on the importance of the structural characteristics of such systems. Key aspects of static and dynamic analysis methods. Course Information: Prerequisite: ECE 464 and ECE 476.
Subject Area Power and Energy Systems
Course Prerequisites Credit in ECE 476
Credit in ECE 464
Course Directors George Gross
Detailed Description and Outline


  • Analysis of nonlinear electrical systems: nature of nonlinearities and structural characteristics in power and power electronic systems; large-scale systems; computational requirements
  • Data issues in large systems: sparsity; storage; management; visualization; multi-machine network interconnection and component data
  • Static system analysis: solution of large algebraic systems; application of sparsity; parallelization; decomposition and decoupling; the nonlinear and linearized power flow solutions
  • Nonlinear parameter estimation in electrical systems: computational issues; typical applications to power systems and electrical machines
  • Optimization application in static analysis: formulation of objective functions; representation of constraints; solution approaches
  • Analysis of dynamic behavior: time scales of dynamic phenomena; hybrid system representation; application of averaging techniques to power electronic switching circuits; time scale decoupling
  • Dynamic performance simulation: solution of differential-algebraic systems; handling of stiff differential equation systems; accuracy and numerical stability issues; solution of differential algebraic systems
  • Modal analysis of large sparse systems: computation of dominant eigenvalues and eigenvectors; Krylov subspace applications; model order reduction applications in power systems and electrical machines
  • Magnetostatic problem solutions: application of finite element methods to electromechanical and energy conversion systems
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