ECE 571
Electromagnetic Waves in Inhomogeneous Media

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C LEC 0930 - 1050 T R   257 Everitt Lab  Weng Chew
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Official Description Electromagnetic waves in layered media; plane wave expansion of electromagnetic point source field; Sommerfeld integrals; transient response; WKB method with asymptotic matching; scattering by junction discontinuity; surface integral equation; volume integral equation; inverse problems. Course Information: Prerequisite: MATH 446; ECE 520 or PHYS 505.
Subject Area Electromagnetics, Optics and Remote Sensing
Course Prerequisites Credit in MATH 446
Credit in ECE 520 or PHYS 505
Course Directors Weng Cho Chew
Detailed Description and Outline


  • Review of Maxwell's equations
  • Waves in planarly layered media
  • Expansion of a line or a point source in terms of plane waves
  • Solution of a point source over layered media-Sommerfeld integrals
  • Asympotic expansions of Sommerfeld integrals
  • Transient response of a source in inhomogeneous media
  • Reflection and transmission of waves due to junction discontinuity: mode matching
  • Dyadic Green's functions of layered media
  • Surface integral equations, extended boundary conditions, method of moments
  • Volume integral equation, Born and Rytov approximation
  • Inverse problems: projection and diffraction tomography
W.C. Chew, Waves and Fields in Inhomogeneous Media, 1990.
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