ECE 572
Quantum Optoelectronics

Section Type Times Days Location Instructor
B DIS 0900 - 0950 M W F   2015 ECE Building  Kent Choquette
Official Description Theoretical approach to quantum mechanics and atomic physics, with many applications in spin resonance and modern maser theory. Course Information: Prerequisite: PHYS 485 recommended.
Subject Area Microelectronics and Photonics
Course Prerequisites
Course Directors Kent D Choquette
Detailed Description and Outline


  • Interaction of radiation with atomic systems: density-matrix theory, spontaneous and induced transitions, gain coefficient, quantum theory of Einstein A and B coefficients, homogenous and inhomogenous broadening
  • Laser oscillations: general theory, rate equations, threshold, lasing inversion, semiconductor gain
  • Specific laser systems: atomic, semiconductor lasers, microcavity lasers
  • Coherent interactions of a radiation field and an atomic system: two-level atom with quantized field, electromagnetically induced transparency, lasing without inversion
  • Optical Microcavities: Faby-Perot cavity, Purcell effect, vertical cavity lasers, photonic crystal nanocavities
Last updated: 2/13/2013