ECE 578
Adv EM Diffraction & Radiation

Official Description Asymptotic solutions of Maxwell's equations, geometrical optics, edge diffraction, uniform theories, creeping waves, advanced antenna theory, and topics of current interest. Course Information: Prerequisite: ECE 520 or PHYS 505. Recommended: ECE 577.
Subject Area Electromagnetics, Optics and Remote Sensing
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  • Geometrical theory of diffraction: asymptotic solution of Maxwell's equations; geometrical optics; edge diffraction; uniform theories; creeping waves
  • Physical teory of diffraction: physical optics and fringe current, incremental edge diffraction, coated body, CAD interface, general purpose computer code development and usage
  • Other topics: radar equation; Friis transmission formula; near-field RCS
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Last updated: 2/13/2013