ECE 589
Robot Control Theory

Official Description Course Information: Same as GE 522. See GE 522.
Subject Area Robotics, Vision, and Artificial Intelligence
Course Prerequisites Credit in ECE 515 or GE 540
Course Directors
Detailed Description and Outline


  • Dynamics of robots: Lagranian and Hamiltonian formulations; flexible robots; actuators and sensors; multiple and redundant robots
  • Feedback linearization: Differential geometry; Frobenius theorem, Riemannian geometry; inverse dynamics; flexible joint robots
  • Robust control: Design via Lyapunov's second method; sliding modes
  • Adaptive control: Linear parameterization; passivity and skew symmetry; globally convergent algorithms; parameter convergence; robustness of adaptive control
  • Singular perturbations and integral manifolds
  • Network theory and force control: Teleoperators and time delay problems
  • Exams

Same as GE 522.


M.W. Spong, C. Abdallah, and F. Lewis, Eds. Robot Control: Dynamics, Motion Planning and Analysis, IEEE Press Reprint Book, 1992.

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