ECE 596
Master's Project

Section Type Times Days Location Instructor
AP IND -     Ada Shuk Yan Poon
AS IND -     Andrew Singer
BCW IND -     Bruce Wheeler
BEH IND -     Bruce Hajek
BS IND -     Stephen Boppart
BT IND -     Tangul Basar
BTC IND -     Brian Cunningham
BWW IND -     Benjamin Wah
CA IND -     Andreas Cangellaris
CCW IND -     Weng Chew
CDS IND -     Christopher Schmitz
CH IND -     Christoforos Hadjicostis
CK IND -     Kent Choquette
CL IND -     Chang Liu
CP IND -     Constantine Polychronopoulos
CS IND -     Christopher Schmitz
DC IND -     Deming Chen
DJB IND -     Donna Brown
DLJ IND -     Douglas Jones
DS IND -     Dilip Sarwate
EK IND -     Erhan Kudeki
EP IND -     Eric Pop
ER IND -     Elyse Rosenbaum
FFL IND -     Fei-Fei Li
FM IND -     Matthew Frank
GG IND -     George Gross
GM IND -     George Miley
GS IND -     Gary Swenson
GT IND -     Gregory Timp
HOL IND -     Steven Franke
IA IND -     Ilesanmi Adesida
JB IND -     Jennifer Bernhard
JBA IND -     Jont Allen
JGE IND -     James Eden
JHP IND -     Janak Patel
JJC IND -     James Coleman
JJM IND -     Jonathan Makela
JK IND -     Jay Kesan
JMJ IND -     Jianming Jin
JPL IND -     Jean-Pierre Leburton
JRT IND -     John Tucker
JWL IND -     Joseph Lyding
KCH IND -     Kuang-Chien Hsieh
KF IND -     Farzad Kamalabadi
KJ IND -     Kanti Jain
KK IND -     Kyekyoon Kim
LD IND -     Daniel Liberzon
LS IND -     Stephen Levinson
MD IND -     Minh Do
MDW IND -     Martin Wong
MHJ IND -     Mark Hasegawa-Johnson
ML IND -     Michael Loui
MLO IND -     Michael Oelze
MWS IND -     Mark Spong
MXF IND -     Milton Feng
MY IND -     Yi Ma
NA IND -     Narendra Ahuja
NB IND -     Nikita Borisov
ND IND -     David Nicol
NS IND -     Naresh Shanbhag
NV IND -     Nitin Vaidya
OM IND -     Olgica Milenkovic
PC IND -     Patrick Chapman
PM IND -     Pierre Moulin
PMF IND -     Patricia Franke
PRK IND -     P Kumar
PTK IND -     Philip Krein
PV IND -     Pramod Viswanath
PWS IND -     Peter Sauer
RAK IND -     Rakesh Kumar
REB IND -     Richard Blahut
RI IND -     Ravishankar Iyer
RK IND -     Ralf Koetter
RS IND -     Rayadurgam Srikant
SAH IND -     Seth Hutchinson
SC IND -     Paul Carney
SJ IND -     Jose Schutt-Aine
SJF IND -     Steven Franke
SL IND -     Steven Lumetta
SLC IND -     Shun Chuang
SP IND -     Sanjay Patel
SX IND -     Sean Meyn
TB IND -     Tamer Başar
TO IND -     Thomas Overbye
TSH IND -     Thomas Huang
UR IND -     Umberto Ravaioli
VV IND -     Venugopal Veeravalli
WDO IND -     William O'Brien
WHS IND -     William Sanders
WMH IND -     Wen-Mei Hwu
WRP IND -     William Perkins
YB IND -     Yoram Bresler
YC IND -     Yun Chiu
YCH IND -     Yih-Chun Hu
YKC IND -     Keh-Yung Cheng
ZPL IND -     Zhi-Pei Liang

Official Description Individual or team projects in electrical and computer engineering emphasizing advanced engineering analysis and design. Course Information: May be repeated to a maximum of 16 hours.
Subject Area Graduate Seminar and Thesis Research
Course Prerequisites
Course Directors
Detailed Description and Outline

May be repeated to a maximum of 16 hours. Only one unit of ECE 496 can be included in the 8 units required for the M. S. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Credit in ECE 496 cannot be included in the 16 post-M. S. units required for the Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Last updated: 2/13/2013