Todd Prentice Coleman

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Todd Prentice Coleman

Primary Research Area

  • Communications

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  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, MIT, Nov 2005

Research Statement

My research interests include network information theory. I am interested in developing theoretical limits of reliable communication, and in constructing robust architectures as well as practical encoding/decoding algorithms that achieve reliable performance near the theoretical boundaries. This applies to a variety of scenarios, including universal distributed data compression, wireless networks, and the communication of correlated information across networks.

My research interests also include computational neuroscience. I am interested in understanding, in a probabilistic sense, the following:

  • how neurons dynamically represent information about sensory signals in terms of their spiking activity
  • how to model dynamic representations between stimuli and neural spiking in a canonical way, with measures of accuracy that can be quantified statistically
  • how to develop new statistical signal processing algorithms for neural interfaces/prosthetics

Research Interests

  • Information Theory, Communications, Operations Research, Security & Information Forensics, Statistical Signal Processing, Computational Neuroscience

Research Areas


  • MIT Morris J. Levin Award for Best Masterworks Oral Thesis Presentation (2002)
  • State of Michigan Association of Governing Boards Award (2000)
  • Student Speaker, University of Michigan 77th Annual Honors Convocation (2000)
  • British Marshall Scholarship Finalist (2000)
  • Rhodes Scholarship Semi-Finalist (2000)
  • Harrison Award for Excellence in Location Estimation, MIT 6.432 (Stochastic Processes, Detection and Estimation) (2000)
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (2000)

Public Service Honors

  • MIT Office of Minority Education Outstanding Tutor Service Award, 2001