Roy H. Campbell

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Roy H Campbell
  • Computer Science
3122 Siebel Center for Comp Sci
201 N. Goodwin Ave.
Urbana Illinois 61801

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  • Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, May 1977

Research Interests

  • Problems and techniques of complex computer system organization and software engineering including: cloud computing, software development environments, operating systems, distributed and parallel systems, object-oriented design, networks, real-time systems, programming language design, verification, reliability, abstract data types, synchronization, data bases, security, digital forensics, fault tolerant systems, compilers, machine architecture, digital video and audio networking.

Research Areas

  • Compilers
  • Operating systems

Articles in Conference Proceedings

  • (w) Hashemi, Sayed Hadi, Noghabi, Shadi A., Gropp, William and Campbell, Roy H., "Performance Modeling of Distributed Deep Neural Networks," CoRR, abs/1612.00521, 2017
  • (w*) Carlo Di Giulio, Read Sprabery, Charles Kamhoua, Kevin Kwiat, Roy H. Campbell, Masooda N. Bashir, "Cloud Security Certifications: A Comparison to Improve Cloud Service Provider Security," ICC'17, Churchill College, Cambridge, UK, March 22-23, 2017
  • (w*) Sprabery, R. Estrada, Z. Kalbarczyk, Z. Iyer, R. Bobba, R. Campbell, R. "Trustworthy Services Built on Event Based Probing for Layered Defense," International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E), 2017
  • (w) Mohammad Babaeizadeh, Paris Smaragdis, Roy H. Campbell, NoiseOut: A Simple Way to Prune Neural Networks," CoRR, abs/1611.06211, Dec 2016
  • (w*) Shadi A. Noghabi, Sriram Subramanian, Priyesh Narayanan, Sivabalan Narayanan, Gopalakrishna Holla, Mammad Zadeh, Tianwei Li, Indranil Gupta, Roy H. Campbell, "Ambry: LinkedIn's Scalable Geo-distributed Object Store," ACM SIGMOD/PODS Conference, Jun 26th-July 1st, San Francisco, USA, 2016.

Other Scholarly Activities

  • ARM 2008

Courses Taught

  • CS 461 - Computer Security I
  • CS 491 - Cyber Security Scholar Program
  • CS 491 - IAT Seminar
  • CS 498 - Cloud Computing
  • CS 498 - Cloud Computing Applications
  • CS 498 - Digital Forensics
  • CS 498 - Digital Forensics II
  • CS 523 - Advanced Operating Systems
  • CS 591 - Advanced Seminar
  • CS 591 - Cloud Computing Research
  • CS 591 - Frontier of Applications in CS
  • CS 591 - PHD Orientation Seminar
  • CS 591 - Security Reading Seminar
  • CS 591 - Teaching Assistant Training
  • CS 598 - Cloud Comp & Software Network
  • ECE 398 - Special Topics in ECE
  • ECE 422 - Computer Security I
  • LAW 797 - Digital Forensics
  • LAW 797 - Digital Forensics II