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William H. Sanders
Department Head
306 N. Wright Street
Urbana, IL 61801
Ph: (217) 333-2300
Fax: (217) 244-7075

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Choi, Hyungsoo Senior Research Scientist
Research Interests
  • Electronic and optical materials: electronic, optical and magnetic materials for various devices involving thin films, micro and nano particles, and nanowires/tubes of metals, and metal nitrides and oxides utilizing their electronic, optical, optoelectronic, and magnetic properties.
  • Thin film and nanoparticle fabrication: Thin films, micro and nano particles, and nanowires/tubes via sol-gel processing, charged liquid cluster beam (CLCB) deposition, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), chemical solution deposition (CSD), and precision particle fabrication (PPF) technology.
  • Precursors for Nanoscale materials synthesis: Syntheses and development of tailored organometallic, inorganic and polymeric precursors
  • Bio-materials: micro and nano spheres/capsules of biodegradable/compatible materials for advance drug delivery, tissue engineering, and cell encapsulation.
  • 2050 ECE Building
    (217) 244-6345

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    Colravy, Kevin James Research Engineer

    4040 ECE Building
    (217) 333-1056

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    Miller, Rita J. Sr. Research Specialist in Bioengineering

    2054 ECE Building
    (217) 333-3133

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    Sarwate, Sandhya Academic Hourly

    B420G Beckman Institute MC 251

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