The Holonyak Symposium

In celebration of Nick Holonyak Jr. as he turns 80

A symposium was held on Friday, October 24, 2008, in honor of Professor Nick Holonyak Jr.’s 80th birthday. The day-long event concluded with a special dinner.

Read a story on the symposium and dinner.

You can browse the photos from the symposium and dinner below:

Streaming video of the symposium may be
viewed from the following links:
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Introduction by Richard Blahut (15:50 .wmv)
Presentation by George Craford (15:45 .wmv)
Presentation by Mike Krames (22:05 .wmv)
Presentation by Russell Dupuis (20:58 .wmv)
Presentation by John Dallesasse (20:53 .wmv)
Presentation by Dennis Deppe (18:21 .wmv)
Presentation by Louis Guido (20:26 .wmv)
Presentation by Don Scifres (27:27 .wmv)
Presentation by Milton Feng (16:17 .wmv)
Presentation by Jon Rossi (16:59 .wmv)
Presentation by Joe Campbell (14:09 .wmv)
Presentation by Robert Kaliski (20:16 .wmv)
Presentation by Morley Blouke (29:41 .wmv)

Holonyak technology family tree (.jpg)

Donations in support of the Nick Holonyak Jr. Graduate Student Award Fund are ongoing. You may donate online. Make certain to select "Nick Holonyak Jr. Graduate Student Award Fund" in the fund selection list box.

If you have any questions or comments about the symposium, please contact Jill Jarboe, Alumni Relations Coordinator, at