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EP Purification win will get product ready for market (The News-Gazette)
April 8, 2014 -- CHAMPAIGN - A Champaign company that won $100,000 in a clean-energy competition last week says it plans to use the money to get its product ready for market. Go to article

SERS tubing makes intravenous drug delivery safer (Chemistry World)
April 7, 2014 -- Recent research, led by ECE Professor Brian Cunningham at the University of Illinois, has produced biomedical tubing that uses surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) to monitor the contents and concentrations of drugs within a patient?s IV line. Go to article

EP Purification Inc., wins $100,000 in Clean Energy Challenge 2014 (Crain's Chicago Business)
April 3, 2014 -- EP Purification Inc., based in Champaign, won $100,000 from Wells Fargo & Co. as the best early-stage company that presented its business model to a panel of judges and others in the challenge, sponsored by the Clean Energy Trust. Go to article

Technique Captures Striking Video of Neurons in Mid-Connection (NBC News)
March 31, 2014 -- Neuroscientists in Illinois have invented a new way to visualize groups of neurons as they grow and make connections with one another. The resulting imagery is as insightful as it is beautiful. Go to article

Company's microplasma technology generating interest (The News-Gazette)
March 23, 2014 -- CHAMPAIGN ? Two University of Illinois faculty members have developed a better ozone generator. No, they're not planning to plug the hole in the ozone layer. Instead, they hope to use the ozone for cleaning laundry, purifying water and preserving food. Go to article

University professor programs artificial chef (The Daily Illini)
March 6, 2014 -- A new computer program created by University professor Lav Varshney could mean the end of the cookbook as we know it. Varshney, a professor in the department of electrical and computer engineering, along with his colleagues at the technology company IBM, have programmed a system that can create up to a million entirely new food recipes in under three seconds completely on its own, ranking them in order of what it predicts to taste the best ? no chef, no cookbook. Go to article

ECE ILLINOIS students design a sensor that may save firefighters' lives (Fire Engineering)
March 5, 2014 -- Three senior design students in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois have prototyped a device that could protect firefighters from an invisible danger: searing temperatures. Go to article

A home for discovery - University of Illinois: A new way to design for high performance (DDC Journal)
February 27, 2014 -- Last year, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign broke ground on the $95 million Electrical and Computer Engineering Building, and ... the project is a leading example of high-performance and sustainable building design. Go to article

Artificial intelligence; tasty real-world results (The News-Gazette)
February 23, 2014 -- (ECE Assistant Professor) Lav Varshney is one of those people who eat food on a daily basis. One of Varshney's recent research projects was to test if a human trait - creativity - can be encoded on a computer. It can, and it makes darn good food. Go to article

Turning a positive into a negative (The Columbia Chronicle)
February 17, 2014 -- Seven years ago, the only thing Rashid Bashir, leading developer and head of the Department of Bioengineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and his researchers needed to revolutionize HIV and AIDS testing was one drop of blood. Go to article

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