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Graduate Students Program Overview


Note: When deadlines are available, graduate students enrolled in ECE can access detailed information on fellowships or apply on-line through My.ECE.

Fellowships in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign can be divided into four categories - Entering Fellowships; Outside Fellowships; Industrial Fellowships; and Endowed Fellowships. Students prefer fellowship support because they are not required to perform any service for the funds. They are, therefore, able to spend all of their time working toward completion of their degree.

Graduate College Resources

Endowed Fellowships:

The Department and College of Engineering have a number of endowed fellowships which are awarded to students based on merit. These are smaller fellowships intended to supplement assistantships. Applications are solicited from students and faculty and the Department's Graduate Fellowship Committee makes selects the recipient. These fellowships are for one year.

Entering Fellowships

To be considered for an entering fellowship, it is not necessary to submit a financial aid application. Applicants are automatically considered for fellowships based on their Application for Admission and supporting documents.

  • Jack S. Kilby Fellowship
  • Illinois Distinguished Fellowships
  • ECE Distinguished Fellowships
  • SURGE Fellowships

Outside Fellowships

These are fellowships awarded to graduate students by outside groups, usually in a national competition. The Department encourages its own students to apply for these prestigious fellowships. Most of them cover three to five years of graduate work.