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Sargent and Lundy fellowship

Established 2000


The Sargent and Lundy Fund was established by William A. Chittenden II, a former partner with Sargent and Lundy. He wanted to encourage other Sargent and Lundy colleagues and fellow alumni to support their alma mater. Sargent and Lundy Fellowships are given across five of the departments in the College of Engineering. Within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the fellowships are awarded to outstanding students in the Power and Energy Systems area. Each fellowship will be in the amount of $5,000.


  • Applicants must not be graduating before May of the next calendar year.
  • Academic performance as demonstrated by (but not restricted to) coursework and grades, recommendations, and previous recognition (awards).
  • Research accomplishments, ability or potential as evidenced by publications and presentations within the area of Power and Energy Systems.


The Sargent and Lundy Fellowship is decided by a committee comprised of the Power and Energy Systems area faculty members. The committee reviews the graduate students from the Power and Energy Systems area in order to select the recipient.

Selection Process:

A committee comprised of faculty from the Power and Energy Systems area meet and review their graduate students each year to decide this fellowship.

Past Recipients of the Award:

School Year Recipient
2010-2011 Yu Chen
2009-2010 Sairaj Dophle
Katherine Rogers
2008-2009 Not given
2007-2008 Trishan Esram
2006-2007 Not given
2005-2006 Brett M. Nee
Timothy O’Connell
2004-2005 Nicholas D. Benavides
2003-2004 Pablo Ruiz
2002-2003 Yan Sun
2001-2002 Jason R. Wells