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Graduate Study Manual

This Graduate Study Manual provides detailed statements of the requirements for all the graduate degrees offered by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and descriptions of the procedures to be followed in completing the requirements of each degree program. Detailed outlines of all graduate courses offered by the Department are also included, together with other useful information about the Department, its faculty, and its research facilities.

The Graduate College ( publishes the Graduate College Handbook for Students, Faculty and Staff ( stating the various Graduate College requirements and regulations that apply to all graduate students. There are additional Departmental requirements that in some instances are more stringent than those of the Graduate College. Thus, the information in this manual (ECE Graduate Study Manual) supplements, and in many cases supersedes, the information given in the Graduate College Handbook. This manual includes all the Departmental rules and regulations that apply to ECE graduate students and assistants together with many of the most commonly encountered Graduate College regulations. Students should consult both the online Graduate College Handbook and this manual when planning or revising their program of studies.

If there is any doubt regarding the interpretation of any regulation or requirement in this manual, or if there are questions about the graduate program involving matters not covered in this manual, please consult the ECE Graduate Advisor, Professor Steven J. Franke.

ECE Graduate Advising Office
2090 A1 Electrical and Computer Engineering Building
306 North Wright St., MC-702
Urbana, IL 61801

Table of Contents

General Information link

The ECE Graduate Program link

General Requirements link
Applying To All Students

Graduate Forms

The M.S. Degree Program link

The PhD Degree Program link

The Qualifying Examination and Admission to PhD Candidacy link

The Thesis link

Special Programs

Financial Aid and Employment

Problem Solving link

Special Circumstances link

Fields of Specialization

Course Offerings

Departmental Information link