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Transferring to ECE: Guidelines

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department welcomes talented transfer students. Because of the challenges of the program and the rigor of most ECE classes, potential ECE students must be strong in math and physics, and should have a very strong interest in electrical and computer engineering.

Students who are considering a possible transfer to ECE should:

  1. Go to Engineering Academic Affairs (206 Engineering Hall) to get permission from a dean to pursue a transfer. This is not a commitment to transfer. See the College Guidelines for more details.

  2. Look at the ECE Curriculum and start taking math and physics classes.

  3. Take ECE 110: Introduction to ECE. Continuing students should come to the ECE Advising Office in 156 Everitt Laboratory to put their information on the “ECE 110 waiting list” around pre-registration time. We usually have seats for most students who are doing well in math and physics classes. Seat availability varies and assignments depend on how you are performing in your classes at Illinois. You will know if you get a seat after we obtain your grades for the current semester. We will email you (typically at the end of May for taking the class in the fall, or mid-January for taking the class in the spring). You may also take ECE 110 in the summer (no waiting list, but not always offered). First year students in engineering who want to take ECE 110 in their first semester should come to 156 Everitt Laboratory to put their information on the “ECE 110 engineering freshmen waiting list”. We will accommodate students based on seat availability and on High School records (Math ACT must be above 28). Non Engineering students cannot take ECE 110 first semester of freshmen year (but we have space in the spring).

  4. Talk to an advisor in 156 Everitt Lab for planning classes.

  5. Only students who are doing well overall will be considered for transfer to ECE. This means you should be getting mostly Bs and As in math, physics, and ECE 110, while taking regular technical loads of classes each semester. For example Math 231, Phys 211, ECE 110, Geog 101 is considered a typical load (three technical classes, one non-technical class). Decisions can be made early for students with impeccable grades at Illinois.