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Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards

I. E. C. William L. Everitt Student Awards of Excellence

Established 1986

William L. Everitt

William L. Everitt

William L. Everitt received his BS from Cornell University in 1922. After two years as an engineer for the North Electric Manufacturing Co., he returned to school and earned an M.S. degree at the University of Michigan in 1926, and then earned a PhD in physics at Ohio State University while serving as an assistant professor and professor. He came to the University of Illinois in 1945 as Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering and became Dean of the College of Engineering in 1949. He served in that job until his retirement in 1968.

It was during his years at Ohio State that Dr. Everitt published the book "Communication Engineering," which became one of the most widely used textbooks in the field of electronics. He also wrote "Fundamentals of Radio" and edited a 96 book series for Prentice-Hall.

During his career, Dr. Everitt was elected to head each of the national and international professional societies pertinent to his discipline. He was a founding member of the National Academy of Engineering, received the highest medals and honors of a number of professional societies, and served as a senior adviser to many government agencies and to the National Academy of Sciences and Engineering.

The holder of 10 honorary doctorate degrees, Dr. Everitt received nearly every award the profession of electrical engineering and engineering education could bestow. He also received the War Department's Exceptionally Meritorious Civilian Award in 1946 in recognition of his work as director of the operation research staff for the U.S. Army's office of the chief signal officer during World War II. In 1984, the IEEE named him to its Centennial Hall of Fame as one of the top two electrical engineering educators of the century. Dr. Everitt died September 6, 1986.

In honor of Dean Everitt, the Electrical Engineering Building was renamed the William L. Everitt Laboratory for Electrical and Computer Engineering on Nov. 12, 1989. Read more about William L. Everitt.


The International Engineering Consortium (formerly known as the National Engineering Consortium, "NEC") developed a program for the purpose of honoring students majoring in electrical and computer engineering and computer science. First known as the NEC Outstanding Senior Student Awards Program, it is now called the William L. Everitt Student Awards of Excellence Program. The Everitt Program invites each IEC affiliated university to select two students to be honored.


  1. You must be a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, enrolled in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering or the Department of Computer Science.
  2. Students completing their Junior year in May/June are eligible to be considered for the award which will be presented during their senior year.
  3. Major in electrical engineering, computer engineering, or computer science.
  4. Academic record: rank in the top 10% of their class.
  5. Evidence of interest in areas of communications and computers.
  6. Evidence of professional interests and activities (officer in student chapter of a pertinent professional society, participant in research projects, open house activities, officer in pertinent student honorary society, etc.)
Items b, c, d, and e should be primary criteria, while point f could be a secondary criterion to be used in choosing among students who satisfy the primary qualifications.


Two students are selected by the awards committee using the criteria listed above.


The award recipients are honored at the annual ECE Awards Banquet in the spring. They are presented with an engraved desk set from the International Engineering Consortium and their names are placed on a plaque which is hung in Everitt Laboratory.


Year Recipients Year Recipients
2010-2011 William Davis
Jacob Tolar
1997-1998 Jeffrey A. Butts
Poojan A. Wagh
2009-2010 Hao Wei Khor
Xichen Jiang
1996-1997 Victor S. Hsu
Jacob F. Jensen
2008-2009 Vishnu Sivaji
Kuang Xu
1995-1996 Peter H. Chou
Jason J. Leung
2007-2008 Gergory Colombo
Matthew Lucas
1994-1995 John I. Moore III
Tuan A. Nguyen
2006-2007 Jason Chang
Thomas Hughes
1993-1994 Richard J. Barron
Andrew W. Walters
2005-2006 David Kaplan
Evan Rosenfeld
1992-1993 Pablo V. Mena
David A. Kruckemyer
2004-2005 Avon Fernandes
Hari Kannan
1991-1992 Mark R. Fister
James R. Janninck
2003-2004 Kevin Mui
Ian Tan
1990-1991 Scott A. Basinger
David E. Beckman
2002-2003 Richard Kujoth
Akshay Naheta
1989-1990 Grant Haab
Andrew Krone
2001-2002 Harish P. Agarwal
Meghan P. Bradley
1988-1989 Chinchau Low
Gregory M. Chiasson
2000-2001 Joseph M. Comberiate
Erik R. Stauffer
1987-1988 Bernard A. Schnaufer
Edward J. Vesely
1999-2000 George M. Gemelos
Todd J. Manchester
1986-1987 Timothy J. Kane
Paul F. Wysocki
1998-1999 Don J. Baron
Ashish K. Pandya