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Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards

Marcia Peterman Memorial Award

Established 1985

Richard Blahut

Marcia Peterman

Marcia Peterman attended Rockford Business College and School of Music, 1928-30, earning a business music associate degree. She also took classes at UIUC, where she began working in 1930. She was the first Clerk-Stenographer in the Department of Electrical Engineering. During the time she was with the Department, she became office supervisor of clerical staff assisting a faculty of more than 100, served as secretary and adviser to four department heads, and provided help and guidance to whole generations of students and alumni. Although she retired officially in 1977, she was reappointed on a fractional time basis as Staff Associate to continue her work with and for the alumni of the department. She retired for the second time in 1983.

She received the UI Alumni Association Loyalty Award in 1975, the Alumni Association Appreciation Award in 1972, the HKN Award in 1967, and the AIEE Honor in 1975. Her warmth and kindness toward the students and faculty in the Department kept her in their hearts long after they left the University. They set up this award to honor her memory after her death in October 1984.


The Marcia Peterman Memorial Award has been established by alumni and friends to honor the memory of Marcia Peterman, who was a member of the staff of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering from 1930 to 1983. She was well known for her many contributions to campus and community affairs and for her concern for students and alumni of the Department.


a. You must be a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, enrolled in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
b. Must be a senior in ECE within one year of graduation at the time the award is made.
c. Must have demonstrated good scholarship through the junior year and have a grade point average in the top one-half of his/her class.
d. Must have participated in campus student activities demonstrating concern for other students and individuals; shall have provided assistance to classmates, participated in organizations or groups that offer support and help to other students, or engaged in other activities which benefit others.


Applications for the award may be submitted online beginning in January of each year. A faculty committee will interview the finalists and make the final decision on the award recipient.


The award carries a stipend of $2,500. The recipient is presented with the stipend check at the annual ECE Award Banquet in April. The name of the recipient is engraved on a plaque to be permanently displayed in Everitt Lab.


Year Recipients Year Recipients
2014 Isha Datye
Yuting Ng
2000 Shane Ryoo
2013 Aiyin Liu 1999 Kevin R. King
2012 Pallav Pathak
Sai Ma
1998 Tesha Sengupta
2011 Fan-Chung Hsu 1997 William L. Terrill

2010 Matthew Trower 1996 Dana L. Marcotte
2009 Mengzhu Bai
Jun Da Lee
1995 Amit Dhawan
David E. Pearah
2008 Catherine Wah 1994 Erini E. Doss
James A. Kay
2007 Rahil Jogani
Ankeet Patel
1993 David A. Ahmari
Binal J. Patel
2006 Pankil Dharia
Xi Lin
1992 Paula H. Alban
Keith D. Johnson
2005 Dianna Liu 1991 Ramesh Subramani
2004 Nicholas McDonnell 1990 Rande Johnson
2003 Kavi Goel 1989 Karim Tadros
2002 Jeffrey Vyduna 1988 Emy Tan
2001 Joseph Comberiate
Jennifer Talmadge
1987 Peter B. Hardin

Alison J. Arnoff