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ECE 445 Senior Design: Ways of Receiving Credit

ECE students will receive credit for ECE 445 if they satisfy one of the following:

  • You have taken ECE 445
  • You have taken ECE 496 and ECE 499 and the project involved the design or testing of hardware (ECE 496/499 Instructor approval on the 496+499 Application Form must be checked).
  • You have taken ECE 496 and ECE 499 and the project did not involve a hardware design or testing. In that case you must implement a "special circuit". To learn about the special circuit see the ECE 445 course webpage. ECE 445 Course Director, Professor Paul Carney, sends to 156 EL the list of students who did the implementation successfully. If you do not implement a special circuit or implement an unsatisfactory circuit, you will not receive credit for ECE 445.
  • You have taken two semesters (6 hours) of an approved section of ENG 491 (Interdisciplinary Design Project).