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ECE James Scholar Program

James Scholar Program: Summary | Rules | Contracts | Advisors
                                         College of Engineering James Schlolars

The ECE Department strongly supports the activities of its James Scholar Students. We have a large number of faculty honors advisors whom James Scholars can consult in place of or in addition to their regularly assigned faculty mentor. Students are encouraged to do projects with ECE and other faculty regardless of whether the project supervisor is an honors adviser.

A James Scholar contract is required of second year students.  Its objectives are to help students enhance their undergraduate curriculum with unique experiences, research activities, and courses that expand beyond a conventional curriculum of an electrical engineering or computer engineering student.  These objectives can be fulfilled by choosing a formal minor from among the many options available on campus, or by planning at least 12 hours of courses representing curriculum expansion and extra experiences.  James Scholars are not required to exceed the normal credit hour requirements of a degree, but instead have the opportunity to include unusual courses in their Contract.  Students are especially encouraged to consider the Senior Thesis sequence as part of their contract.

In addition we sponsor ECE 200, the Undergraduate Seminar, which presents faculty and corporate speakers with the goal of broadening your horizons as to opportunities in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Every year the Department sponsors the Undergraduate Research Symposium which offers you the opportunity to present or hear about the activities of other honors students.

The ECE Department follows the rules of the College of Engineering James Scholar Program.

In addition, ECE James Scholars must follow these rules:

  • The minimum GPA for ECE students is 3.5 / 4.0. Procedures for applying to the program are described by the College documents.

  • Sophomores, juniors and seniors are required to complete ECE 200 in either the fall or spring semester each year. Coop and international minor students who are gone from campus will be given a grace semester to make up this requirement. This applies even if you are taking other courses labeled as honors courses ("H" in the section designation).

  • At the completion of their contract students must make a presentation at the spring ECE Undergraduate Honors Symposium (or at special meetings of the ECE James Scholars). This will be either a poster or an oral presentation, depending on student preferences and scheduling limitations. Alternative arrangements will be made for December graduates.

  • All minors usually constitute a viable James Scholar contract. Since Computer Engineers are not permitted to take the CS minor they may not use it for their James Scholar contracts.