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Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards

Harold D. Webb Memorial Scholarship

Established 1989
Photo of Harold Webb

Harold Donivan Webb received the A.B. degree from Franklin College in 1931 with a major in mathematics and a minor in physics. He attended Indiana University and received the A.M. degree in physics in 1932. He returned to Franklin College in 1933-34 to complete the requirements for a high school teacher's license in mathematics, physics, and chemistry. He taught at several schools from 1934-39 and attended Indiana University in the summers. In 1939 he received the PhD degree in physics from Indiana University, and took a job at West Liberty State Teacher's College in West Liberty, West Virginia, where he became Head of the Mathematics and Science Department.

In 1942 he took a war-time job at the U.S. Army Signal Corps Radar Laboratory at Belmar, New Jersey. He wrote, "I was to be a 'radio instructor', but they didn't need any more radio instructors, so I became an 'electrical engineer' by the signature of a U.S. Army Signal Corps Major." This was a fortunate turn of events, because Harold was assigned to Evans Signal Laboratory which was conducting top secret research and development on radar. Harold did pioneering work on low-noise receiver design for the detection of radar signals. It was the beginning of his career in electronics, a career which he would follow for the rest of his life.

Harold joined the Department of Electrical Engineering at UIUC in 1947 as an assistant professor, becoming a full professor in 1958. He served as a counselor in the Department's Graduate Counseling Office in the 1970's, even after his retirement in 1977. In 1974 he was awarded the college's prestigious Everitt Award for Teaching Excellence.

Harold Webb passed away May 25, 1989.


This scholarship was established in memory of Harold D. Webb, a member of the ECE Faculty from 1947 through 1977. It is given to an outstanding Junior or Senior with an interest in electronics.


  1. Must be a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, enrolled in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
  2. Must be a Junior or Senior in the top 10% of his or her class.
  3. Must have demonstrated an interest in the area of electronics.

Selection Process:

Scholarship Data Forms are sent to the top 10% of the Junior and senior classes in September. Those forms are returned to the ECE Scholarship Committee. The committee selects the recipient based on the information on the Data Form.


The award carries a stipend of $500. The recipient is presented with the stipend check at the annual ECE Award Banquet in April.

Year Recipients
2005-2006 Katelyn Tobin
2004-2005 Nicholas Chin
2003-2004 Adam Petschke
2002-2003 Agnes H. Lo
2001-2002 Michael E. Russell
2000-2001 Mark D. Lippmann
1999-2000 Thomas Detwiler
1998-1999 Stephen M. Govenar
1997-1998 Jeffrey A. Butts
1996-1997 Amanda Caswell
1995-1996 David Huynh
1994-1995 Colin J. Byrne
1993-1994 Ha H. Pham