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The Subdisciplines
of Electrical Engineering (EE) and Computer Engineering (CompE)

When EE and CompE students reach the second term of their junior year, they find that, for the first time in their undergraduate career, they have to make choices among large numbers of technical elective courses. Both Electrical and Computer Engineering build off a common core understanding of electrical phenomena, the concepts of systems and signals, and computers. At the junior and senior level, however, they branch out into a large and very diverse set of rich intellectual areas, ranging from bioengineering to power systems.

The materials found in the links listed below are meant to help students choose both courses and areas of study in which they are interested and wish to pursue careers. For the student who has not yet decided on an area of interest, we suggest that you "try on for size" one or more of the subdisciplines which are described here, look up the detailed course descriptions, talk to your fellow students and instructors. Keep coming back to these advising pages until you feel comfortable with your decisions.