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Recommendations for a General Program in EE

The curriculum in Electrical Engineering is a specialization even if the student chooses not to follow a concentration in one of its subdisciplines --- students may wish to pursue a more general manufacturing career or a different profession such as law or medicine; they may wish to postpone the decision on subspecialization until graduate school, or they simply may not know what they wish to do.

Below are some courses and areas which are suggested for these students. Some are courses which are taken by students in multiple subdisciplines, and hence are preparatory for multiple career paths. For others there is an informal consensus among faculty that these are appropriate for students wishing a broader degree program. We have put more emphasis on ECE courses which may be used to satisfy the ECE Elective requirement.

Computer Engineering

Nearly every area of human activity, from English to Engineering (and Archaeology to Zoology), is being changed by the revolution in computer technology. Any additional sophistication in this area will be useful professionally.

CS 225 Data Structures and Software Principles
ECE 391 Computer Systems Engineering


The concept of control and the processing of digital and analog signals are found in many areas, both inside and outside of engineering. For instance digital signal processing and control are important in Bioinstrumentation, Power Systems, Image Processing, and Communications.

ECE 310 Digital Signal Processing
ECE 486 Control Systems


The mathematics courses on the list for the Technical Electives provide good preparation for many areas of Electrical Engineering.

Math 415 Applied Linear Algebra
Math 446 Applied Complex Variables
Math 487 Advanced Engineering Math

Power and Energy

Often Electrical Engineers are asked to design or critique power system designs. ECE 430 is the first course in this area. See also Power and Energy Systems

ECE 330 Power Circuits and Electromechanics


These courses build on ECE 342 and ECE 343 and lead to specialization in topics related to integrated circuit design and fabrication.
ECE 444 IC Device Theory and Fabrication
ECE 482 Digital IC Design
ECE 483 Analog IC Design

Humanities and Social Science Electives

The modern workplace, including research activities, puts a premium on the ability to communicate effectively with people from all ranks and background. We strongly support the Composition II writing requirement (e.g. Rhet 133 Principles of Composition and ECE/Phil 316 Engineering Ethics). We suggest courses in public speaking (e.g. SpCom 101 Principles of Effective Speaking), as well as gaining of practical experience while leading student organizations. Economics courses continue to provide important background for the business world. Otherwise, students are advised to choose courses for their intellectual content, mindful of the fact that it will be difficult later in life to have access to the quality of intellectual thought available on this campus.